There are a multitude functional medicine tests that provide a snapshot of the state  your body is in. Some examples of  functional medicine tests that our practice can perform are:

  • Blood Lab Tests:

    These are routine blood labs that most all doctors order when the patient presents with an acute or chronic condition. There is a difference however! Functional Medicine Doctors look at blood lab tests differently. Instead of looking at H’s and L’s (highs and lows), Functional Medicine Doctors look at the actual values and then compare them with other laboratory values to determine if they’re the beginning signs of a dysfunction, sometimes well before a symptom or disease occurs.

  • Spectra Cell:

    Spectra Cell is a specialty laboratory company that offers a variety of testing that looks at “individual” cellular function.

  • MNT – Micro Nutrient Testing:

    Functional Medicine exmaines if the cells of your body have the vital and essential necessary vitamins, minerals, amino acids, fatty acids, antioxidants, in order to function properly. Without these vital nutrients, it would be like cooking your favorite meal, but without the proper ingredients – probably wouldn’t taste very good.

  • LPP – Lipo Protein Particle Testing:

    Cholesterol is just one of a multitude of the risk factors that contribute to cardiovascular disease. That’s why Functional Medicine uses LPP to examine many of these scientific risk factors like Homocysteine, CRP, glucose, insulin and more, to provide a more comprehensive analysis of a patient’s risk factors in developing CVD.

  • Telemere Testing:

    Do you REALLY want to know your age? Functional Medicine works with Lab Partners to test Telemeres which are parts of your chromosomes and fragment and shorten as we age. By measuring the length of a telomere is way to estimate your cellular age. By measuring your cellular age and comparing to your chronological age, we can determine if you are aging quicker or more slowly than the standard rate of aging.

  • Neuro Science Testing:

    Another important test Functional Medicine examines is Adrenal function and neurotransmitter balance which are both very critical components with symptoms relating to depression, fatigue, brain fog, anxiety and sleep disorders. These tests are designed to provide information that allows restoration of these critical components and then a holistic approach is applied to gently restore balance.

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