In the January 17 edition of JAMA Neurology, Dr. Hussein Yassine, demonstrated that high doses of a particular Omega 3 fatty acid, DHA, is linked to LESS progression of AD, especially in individuals who are carriers of the APO E 4 gene (allele).  “Having the APO E 4 allele is one of the strongest risk factors for developing AD.  This gene is present in approximately 20% of the general population but in about 50% of patients with AD”.  But what does DHA do in the body?  A polyunsaturated fatty acid found in fish, it protects the brain, liver and other parts of the body, and plays a role in the formation of synapses and indirectly limits the production of amyloid deposition and helps cells clear toxic amyloid peptides.  In another study by Zhang et al, found that eating 1 serving of fish per week was associated with a significantly lower risk of AD dementia.  The issue for most individuals is that they don’t know if they are a carrier of the APO E 4 gene, so what is someone to do?  There are tests available that can determine your genetic makeup and should someone be a E 4 carrier, then eathing fish weekly, or supplementing with a high quality fish oil (Omega’s) might be a easier option.  If you need further information, please all this clinic.