Fatigue and sleepiness are probably one of the most common complaints of patients. Many of these patients remain very tired no matter what they seem to do. Most of these people have gone to a Doctor to run tests but most all the tests come back fairly normal. So many of these patients are told to get more rest and/or are prescribed a sleeping pill or anti-anxiety or anti-depressant drug, but still, sleep eludes and fatigue persists. So what is a person to do?

The answer to the question is to find out why the patient is so tired and can’t get any rest. Constant Fatigue Syndrome can be caused by a number of factors and each variable has to be looked at and determined if any one or combination is the underlying cause of the patient having such a debilitating condition. Adrenal fatigue is a condition that has recently been discovered that can cause chronic fatigue.

Many causes of fatigue are stress, food intolerance, heavy metal contamination. Recent test have shown that many patients are tired because of adrenal fatigue. Other causes of chronic fatigue may also be related to thyroid hormone levels, micro-nutrient deficiencies or gut/GI disturbances, to name a few.

As stated in other pages, when chronic fatigue is an issue and the patient can’t sleep then other major problems can occur such as inflammation. This is because the body does most of its repair work at night while asleep. During the day, when most stresses occur and the body is being bombarded with stress, the body is busy defending against these body stressors, so eat night, the body should be in repair mode. But if the person isn’t sleeping, then that repair process will be hindered and like a smoldering fire, inflammation continues to burn and burn.

Now we have a multi-system breakdown that can eventually lead to organ or systems failure and further enhance the disease process.

Remember the body wants to be healthy and will do what it can, it will accommodate, for as long as possible, but at some point, too many cells will cease to function properly and then disease starts and shortly after, symptoms occur and by then, the body is sick.

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Dr. Stowe has been assisting patients to regain health for almost 10 years.  Using advanced laboratory testing and analysis, Dr. Stowe’s focus is to help find the two primary issues that might cause disease:   a blockage of a natural process and/or a deficiency of vital nutrients that the body needs in order to function properly.  Dr. Stowe’s entire approach is to assist the person in restoring health, not only in the cells and tissue but to the person.