Cindy was a long time patient that I had been successfully treating for a variety of muscular-skeletal conditions for several years.  She was a compliant patient and had always responded very well to my treatments.  However as life chances, so to, do the circumstances that our bodies have to adjust to and adapt. Cindy got married and within 4 years, gave birth to 3 children.  This was just too much for her body to handle and she started having painful headaches, severe tightness of her neck muscles and unintentional weight loss.  I began to treat her as I had in the past, but this time, something was different.  She would get a little better, but many visits found her with no improvement and sometimes, in worse condition than the previous visit.  After several weeks, I began to talk to her about the possibility that something else was occurring within her body and that we should probably look into some advanced laboratory testing to find the true cause of her condition. Cindy spoke with her husband and they decided to see her medical doctor and have some tests done.  In the mean time, she continued to come in to see me, as my treatments did provide some temporary relief.  But after a several weeks and several tests, she was diagnosed with stress and given a muscle relaxant, anti-inflammatory and anti-depressant; none of which impressed or pleased Cindy or her husband nor did they provide any relief and she was still loosing weight. They decided that they would follow my recommendation and have some advanced laboratory testing which included an analysis of her GI system, along with some advanced blood work. Upon obtaining the results of the GI test, we found that Cindy, in her weakened state, had contracted strep and staph, H.pylori, mold and a parasite -all residing in her GI track.  I contacted another MD who was familiar with my testing, who prescribed an anti-parasitic medication and after that prescription, Cindy was treated with supplements and herbs.  Within about 7-10 days, Cindy was measurably improved and almost back to her normal self. Virtually all of her previous symptoms, including her severe muscle pain, were completely gone, except for a dull nagging headache, which lingered for weeks. So again, we turned to more advanced laboratory testing, but this time, I was looking for a food allergy.  I felt that something she was eating might be causing her headaches and just as I suspected, her report came back with not one, but approximately 35 foods that Cindy was having a reaction too.  Many of which were good healthy foods, like oatmeal and eggs, but her body, in its weakened state, just could not tolerate and these foods were acting like a toxin to her body.  Again, my compliant patient quit eating these foods that she was sensitive to and with 24 hours, her headache had completely disappeared! Today, I can report that Cindy is back to her “pre-delivery” state and living a healthy and happy life, enjoying her three children and still coming in occasionally for her routine adjustment.