Did you know that almost all human health comes from the gut or gastrointestinal system?  What you eat has a tremendous impact on your health, but for many individuals, even if they try to eat healthy foods, they still feel bad and experience gas, belching, bloating, constipation and even diarrhea on a daily basis.  These people go to their medical doctor, who tells them that they have too much acid in their system and then puts them on something called a PPI or proton pump inhibitor.  PPI’s work by reducing acid produced in the stomach.  But is this what is really going on?  Let me give you another point of view.

Much of aging process is because individual cells cannot do the job they did, when they were younger, when cells functioned at their peak performance.  Starting at about age 35-40 years old, ALL cells, every cell in the body, start to reduce their ability to do their work, they lose function.  So with that understanding, let’s think about the cells of the stomach, where acid is produced.  They are called partial cells and as protein comes into the stomach, HCL or hydrochloric acid, is produced to break down the protein molecules so that they can be absorbed into something called the enteric pathway, which takes these protein molecules to the liver.

But wait, if all cells decline in function, then how can these partial cells be producing more acid today, at say 50 or 60 years old, than they did when you were in your 20’s or 30’s?   And the answer is, they can’t!  But if that is true, then what is causing the gas, belching, bloating, etc?  Well, it is actually rioting food!  And where does this come from?  Well, you ate the food, but there wasn’t enough acid in the stomach to breakdown the protein, so it sits in your stomach and remember, the temperature of your body is 98.6 degrees.  So that food you ate an hour ago, is sitting there rioting and if you have lived in Texas even for a short time, you know about the smell a dead animal gives off, lying on the side of the road.  And this is what is happening in your stomach.  That gas has to go somewhere, so it causes belching, gas, bloating and that very uncomfortable feeling many people experience, even if they only eat a small meal.

What is the solution?  Simply, more acid.  Think about it.  What your body needs is to breakdown those proteins and get them out of your stomach so that they can be absorbed and utilized in the body.  So if you are on PPI’s and are having to continue to increase your dose or they aren’t working any longer, you might want to consider contacting an alternative doctor who specializes in alternative thinking and a true understanding of the body, and not simply one that hands out pills.



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