A week doesn’t pass, that I don’t get questions about Cardiovascular Disease, High Blood Pressure and other similar diseases. So while doing some research on another issue, I found this article/study, from way back in November 2004. It is a study that shows that Vitamin K-2, reduces the risk of CHD by reducing the build-up of aortic calcification (atherosclerosis) – blockage of the main heart of the heart. Almost 5,000 subjects were analyzed with no history of myocardial infarction and followed for more than 10 years. This study showed that those who took between 25-30 mcg per day of Vitamin K-2, had a reduction of atherosclerosis, thereby possibly preventing CHD. What I would like to point out, is that of all of my patients, none, not one, has ever said to me that their primary doctor or any other doctor has ever told them, that they might be able to reduce their risk of heart disease, by simply taking, or increasing the amount of a simple vitamin, that, by the way, is uniquely needed for calcium absorption in bones. So the question you might be asking is why someone might be deficient in Vitamin K-2 and there are several reasons. Primarily, it starts with a poor diet and processed foods. But also from long term use of antibiotics, gut or GI problems and also from Statin drugs, those used to lower cholesterol. All of these cause a decrease in absorption of K-2 from from your diet. But what foods offer K-2? A great source is fermented soybeans, but personally, I don’t advise my patients ingest soy – it simply isn’t good for you because it changes hormones functions. Another food source is cheese, both hard and soft. Eggs are a good source, especially the yolks. So the bottom line for me, is that here again, good nutrition, from good food, provides the body with the essential nutrients it needs in order to keep the body health. Do you know if you have enough, K-2, or any for that matter, any other nutrient, contact me and we can discuss a test that accurately determines what your body nutrient needs might be. Dr. Stowe